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Workshop on Art and Craft

A workshop on craft was conducted on 11th October 2014. The workshop enabled the students to learn about glass painting, flower making  (preparing duplex paper flower), fruit making, nib painting, solo wood carving etc.

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International book fest

International book fest in Brightland Discovery School.
The fest was inaugurated by SBI regional Manager Shri B.Balagopal.


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Daan utsav 2014 - Watsun Park

Whether it's PM's "Swach Bharat Mission" or MLA's Nirmala Nagaram Nirmala Bhavanam " our  sincere support to issues they raise....

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joy by sharing!

Each one of the child will have a buddy from BDS who will be sponsoring the movie and would sit with him all through the movie. The idea is to build a friendly relation with the child and take this forward.

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Daan Utsav 2014 A joyful experience!

Grade 8  students of our school went around Alappuzha with Thank you notes to the traffic managers Daan Utsav 2014 A joyful experience!

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Daan Utsav 2014

The best of Daan Utsav 2014 was the felicitation of the Traffic managers of Alappuzha . We had the privilege of felicitating a few of them in our school before some students went to the field with thank you notes

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Daan Utsav 2014

On Oct 4 th our students joined their peers who are less privileged but highly deserving. Although it was a holiday students and many parents joined them. It was a great experience of sharing!

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Daan Utsav in Brightland Discovery Preschool!

Our tiny ones were all enthusiastic about sharing fruits and toys with their peers in balwadis, anganawadis, orphanage and a govt school. They participated very actively.

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Prime Minister's Releif Fund

The amount collected by brightlanders handed over to District collector in the presence of MP Sri. K C Venugopal.

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News- 08/10/2014



Dear Parents

We are happy to inform you that the inauguration of the 18th Kochi International Children’s Book fest by Shri. B. Balagopal the Regional Manager of SBI will be held in our school.  On this occasion our children can exhibit the books they own.  This is to promote reading habits among the children.  The students who exhibit the best collection of books will be awarded prizes. 

At 11.00 am Shri. Johnson  DYSP Traffic will address the students and a few selected students will meet the traffic assistants with ‘Thank You’ cards and refreshments as a part of               the ongoing ‘Daan Utsav’ in the school.

At 12.00 noon selected students will visit WATSUN park where a novel project of waste disposal is being done.  Dr. Thomas Isacc M.L.A will address the students.  Our students will interact with the sanitation workers  and present them with sanitation aids to help in their work.  This  also is a part of ‘Daan Utsav’. 

A craft workshop for the students of class 4,5,6,7,8,9 will be organized on Saturday 11th October - Time 9.30 am to 2.30 pm.  Those who wish to attend the workshop shall inform the class teachers tomorrow itself.

We express our heart felt gratitude to each one of you who co-operate with us on the project The ‘Joy of giving’

May the almighty shower his blessings abundantly on you!



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Daan Utsav

Daan Utsav: a week long festival inaugurated by our MLA Shri. G Sudhakaran on 30/9/2014!

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Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration on 2/10/2014

‘Gandhi Jayanthi’ was celebrated at the Paravoor campus of the school with a variety of programme.  Enactment of anecdotes from Gandhiji’s life by the students was the highlight of the events.

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Navrathri Celebration 01/10/2014

Importance of Navarathri festival was communicated to the students through speeches, ceremonial dances and other rituals.  A ‘ Kolkali’ is in progress on the occasion of the celebration in the school

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Inaguration of Multiutility hall

The school has established a beautiful and spacious multipurpose – utility hall, which can be used for school library, audio-video show and to organize functions and entertainment programmes on various occasions.  The inauguration of the hall was on 30 september 2014 by Shri. K.C Venugopal M.P.

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Honorable Chief Minister Sri. Ommen Chandy released the signature video on 24-09-2014

Honorable Chief Minister Sri. Ommen Chandy released the signature video - UVF's Social Commitment Film. UVF's initiative to spot, encourage and nurture those upcoming and promising social reformers/contributors: Example, we found a lesser known charitable trust striving to reach out to those who are in need of cancer survival support through financial support and counseling. Our role is to make them visible in the crowd through compelling communication tools like signature videos and web sites. Mr.Antony and his charitable trust Santhwanam has been offering support to those poor cancer patients while working in RCC and encouraging other to support his cause after he identified his daughter of 4 years age diagnosed with cancer.

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With love from Kerala to Kashmir!

Kashmir has been hit by one of the worst ever floods.The people of Kashmir have been bearing the brunt of the territorial dispute for decades now.The torrential rains in the last 2 weeks have caused massive destruction and severe distress in the state. It will be a long time before the state is rebuilt and life returns back to normalcy in the valley. . In this moment of crisis , the staff of Brightland Discovery School has decided to donate their one day salary to the Prime Minister’s National Relief fund towards the rehabilitation of Kashmir.Our thoughts are with the families affected by the floods and pray that the situation is controlled soon. We also take a moment to count our blessings and thank god for keeping our families safe.

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Exam scheduled on 2nd September will be conducted on Friday, 5th September due to the hartal announced in the state.

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25 August,2014

Tomorrow will be holiday due to educational strike declared by ABVP. 

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1. First Term Exam begins on Thursday 28 August 2014.


2. Wednesday 27 August will be a preparatory holiday for the students.

3.Request for change of exam dates will not be accepted.

4. Plastic bags for carrying writing materials on exam days are strictly banned.

5.The school will reopen on Wednesday 17 September 2014 after the ONAM holidays.


6.   After reopening of the school Red T-shirt and Blue Jeans uniform will be on Fridays and the usual school uniform will be on Thursdays.

7.Causal wears on prescribed days in the school should be in accordance with the dignity and discipline of the school.

8.Children are not permitted to carry cash to the school on any day for any purpose except for charity contributions.

Wish you all a Very Happy‘ONAM HOLIDAYS’!

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Independence Day Celebrations

15 August 2014

Flag hoisting on 68th Independence Day Celebration at our school with a salute to all freedom fighters

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15 AUGUST 2014

Venue:  Brightland Discovery School, Paravoor Campus
It is proposed to celebrate 68th Independence Day in the school at the Paravoor Campus on

Friday 15 August 2014
Time  :  09.00 a.m

Flag hoisting                 :        09.00 am
Flag Salute                   :        09.01 am
National anthem            :        09.02 am
Flag song                     :        09.03 am
Cultural programme by students     :     09.10 a.m
Programme will be over by 10.30 AM

All the students from   U.K.G to class X  are requested to attend the programme.  Attendance is compulsory on the day.  School bus will ply as usual for the convenience of the students.

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Parents' Meeting Class VI

It is proposed to convene a meeting of the parents of Grade VI at 2 PM on Thursday, 14 August 2014 in Paravoor Campus.  All the parents are requested to attend the same.

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Parents' Meeting Class V

It is proposed to convene a meeting of the parents of Grade V at 2PM on Wednesday, 13 August 2014 in Paravoor Campus.  All the parents are requested to attend the same.

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Work shop for mothers

Tomorrow Collector declared holiday.The Proposed work shop for the mother's of KG section will be conducted as per schedule

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Parents Meeting - Class III

Parents Meeting - Class III
It is proposed to convene a meeting of the parents of the students of class III of the school at 2.00 pm on Thursday 07 August 2014 in the Paravoor campus.  All the parents are requested to attend the same.

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