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It  is proposed to organise a workshop for mothers of children studying classes I to X at the Brightland Discovery School, Chandanakkavu from 10a.m -12 noon on Thursday 24 July 2014.

Ms. USHA VENKATESH, Chairperson  of the school will direct the deliberations  in the workshop.  The workshop is intended to create an awareness among the mothers about the contemporary challenges, developments and tendencies in the field of teaching and learning.  The combined efforts of the teachers and parents can equip our children to face the situation with added enthusiasm and confidence.

Mothers who are willing to attend the workshop may send their consent with signature on this note itself through the child. It is also to be noted that attendance in the workshop is not compulsory

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Musical shower

Musical shower by world renowned Musicians Partho Sarodi (Sarod) Ashis Paul (Tabla) in school. The students were stunned by their magnificent performance. Our sincere thanks to Spic Macay &Alive Alappuzha for the monsoon treat.

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Inherent talents and intelligence among children can be nurtured and nourished only if they are given an exposure to experience situations conducive to identify and understand them.  Accordingly it has been decided to give an opportunity at our school to experience the thrill of different versions of fine arts, music, other art forms and crafts. Nationally and internationally acclaimed artists, and performers will be invited to our school to conduct demonstration classes in the respective fields.  The classes will be for all students from class I to X.  

To begin with we are happy to inform that the school has arranged a performance cum demonstration by world renowned Sarod vidwan Shri. PARTHO SARADI and Tabla artist Shri. ASHIS PAUL at the Paravoor Campus on FRIDAY, 18 July 2014 Duration of the program is for 1 ½ hours in between the regular classes on the day.  Children will attend the classes as usual following the Friday Time-Table.


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The Paravur campus will remain closed on 3rd July

The Paravur campus will remain closed on 3rd July. The meeting scheduled for the 2nd standard parents is postponed to 7th July

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TEDxWillingdon speaker.

OurFounder and Chair person Smt. Usha Venkatesh  is been announced as the TEDxWillingdon speaker. She never fails to do what she preach..
After print media and visual media she is now with the public to share her thoughts !!!!!!!

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Our Founder & Chair person Smt. Usha Venkatesh being interviewed by Ms. Sonima Nair for 'SAMOOHYAPADAM" 

program on Doordarshan  on the topic "MATHRUKA KUDUMBAM"

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Vayichu Valaruka

Brightland Discovery School and Mrs.Usha Venkatesh being honoured by the excellent performance of imbibing the message "‘Vayichu Valaruka’ (Read and Grow) " in relation to   P. N. Panickar Foundation's Reading Day celebrations  in memory of Mr. P.N. Panicker, father of Library and Literacy Movement of Kerala.

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Sree Nedumudi Harikumar inaugurating the Vayanamaram.

Sree Nedumudi Harikumar inaugurating the Vayanamaram.

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Vayanamaram Program

Vayanamaram Program conducted by District Child Welfare Council at Brightland Discovery school 0n 20th June 2014.

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Our dear chairperson Smt.Usha Venkatesh  is the guest on the Doordharshan Program ` SAMOOHYAPAADAM`  on Monday 23rdJune. Time 12.05 p.m (noon).

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Note to Class 1

Parents of Grade I students are requested to attend a meeting to be
conducted in the Parvoor campus at 2.00 pm sharp on Friday 13 June

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Events leading to reopening of the school for the new academic year 2014- 2015

Time schedule for distribution of books:
Grade 1 to X  Venue:- Thookukulam Campus

 21 May 2014Wednesday ,10;00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Reopening day :  2 June 2014 Monday 
Timing : 9:00 a.m. to 12 : 30 p.m. ( half day)

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Students will attend the school on 31 march 2014 from 9.00 am to 11.30 am.  Progress reports and the prizes for the cultural competitions will be distributed on that day. The school bus will ply as usual to collect and drop back the students at the respective stops.
The school will remain closed for summer vacation with effect from 1 April 2014 to 1 June 2014.  It reopens on Monday 2nd June 2014.

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Annual exhibition

Annual Exhibition was organized at the school on 15th march 2014 at the Paravoor campus. Students of classes I to IX participated in the exhibition displaying the articles , creative works, charts, models, Literary information, projects in maths, science, social science which were highly informative and thought provoking.

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Congratulations !!!!!!

JCI Women empowerment Award 2014

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Invitation to Parents

We request the pleasure of your presence on the occasion of an exhibition conducted by the students of Brightland on Saturday 15th March 2014.

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Friday 14th March 2014 will be 'FUN DAY' at Paravoor Campus.Time 9 a.m. to 12:30p.m. Students can come in casual wear.

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The Brightlanders express their heartfelt gratitude to all the parents of our students who sincerely supported us in making this academic year an eventful one...thank you very much...!

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      Inauguration at Brightland Discovery School

Under the auspices of the USHA VENKATESH FOUNDATION, innovative method of Skill Development Programme in the Brightland Discovery School has been inaugurated by the Honourable  Minister for Civil Aviation Governmnent of India – Shri. K.C. Venugopal at 7.00 pm on 6 march 2014.

Inaugurating the launch of the Helen O’Grady International’s Speech & Drama methodology to train the students of the school, the Minister expressed satisfaction over the implementation such new methods to teach the young children of Allepey and appreciated the spirit of the management and staff behind it.  The launching ceremony at the Chandanakkavu campus of the school was marked by the MIME show presented by the Switzerland based Theatre group ‘ANDRAYAS’ a team consisting of Mr. Marcus , Ms. Maria and their two sons Felix and Leo. The theme of the ‘MIME’ show was ‘WATER PRESERVATION’ and it enthralled the entire audience consisting of students and parents.

The school is planning to implement   HelenO’Grady Speech & Drama methodology from next academic year to train the students in communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Confidence.  This will enable them to bring out their inherent potentials and thus to become a full fledged personality capable of facing various kinds of life situations later in life.

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Mime Show by Marcus Schmid

                           INTERNATIONAL MIME SHOW


Brightland Discovery School, Chandanakkavu Campus

The proposed Mime Show on ‘Water Conservation’ by Switzerland theatre group ‘ANDRAYAS’ will be conducted at the Chandanakkavu Campus of the school at 7 pm sharp on 6th March 2014. The show will have the required effect with all the accessories, equipments, only darkness as suggested by the theatre group and hence this change of time.  Duration of the show is 1 hour.  Children along with their parents can attend the show and they have to make their own arrangements for the conveyance to and fro.


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Global Touch of warmth, affection & Friendship

Mr. Gareth & Ms. Lucy a couple from London with their kids Esmy and Celest revisited our school after one year.  They were with our children for three months last year fully engaged in curricular and co curricular activities establishing a deep rooted attachment with everyone in the school.  As a mark of respect and love for them , they were given an exciting farewell at the Paravoor Campus.  Reverberating music and rejuvenating dances created an indelible impression in the minds of the guests and hosts.  The following photographs indicate the impact of the interaction  with the visiting faculties.


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Creative writing workshop

A creative writing workshop was organised in the school by the visiting faculties Mr. Lucy and Mr. Garet from London for one week. They trained the students in poetry composition. the following poems were composed by the students - and presented by young poets in a specil function organized in the school on Wednesday 26th February 2014.

At the sea - ll Coral

At the sea I saw:
Splashy blue water,
Waves barking like dogs,
Silky in the sunshine,
Beautiful orange sunset,
Castles in the wet sand,
Strange ash-coloured sharks
With sharp white teeth,
Shiny golden and silver fish,
Swimming with fast fins,

Wooden fishing boats like bananas,
Colourful fishing nets in the sea.

I saw Kerala - IV Pearl

I saw seagulls as black as crows
I saw palm trees growing mangoes
I saw an elephant as small as an ant
I saw a dog as green as a plant
I saw sand as hard as stone
I saw a banana as brittle as a bone
I saw a houseboat as big as a whale
I saw a school bus as slow as a snail
I saw waves as flat as glass
I saw a crab sleeping in the grass
I saw a coconut flying like a kite
I saw the Brightlanders who saw this wondrous sight.

I saw Kerala IV Coral

I saw a tea garden bigger than the sun
I saw people on the beach having fun
I saw Kathakali - it was great!
I saw Thivurathira with a class mate
I saw the backwaters on a houseboat
I saw greenery being eaten by a goat
I saw signs written in Malayalam
I saw the festival of Onam
I saw cloud reflected in a lake
I saw coconuts baked into a cake
I saw palm trees waving in the night
I saw the Brightlanders who saw this wonderous sight.

The Tiger - V

Eye like emeralds
Striped orange and black
Claws sharp as knives
Never stands back

Fearless as a soldier
Royal as a king
Minister of the forest
Pounces like a spring

Stealthy as a ghost
Crawls like a spy
Camouflaged hunter
Never asks why

Shining ivory teeth
Ferocious for his prey
Ruthlessly attacks
Always finds a way.

The Peacock - VI

Who blooms like a flower
Feathers like a tree
Happy in a shower
Glitters blue like the sea?

Jewelled rainbow tail
With eyes like a princess
Proud is the male
Whose beauty is endless!

Whose feathers crown Krishna
With an elegant walk?
National bird of India:
The dancing peacock!

The Butterfly - VII

Who is light as a feather
Wings like sari silk
Not minding the weather
Flowing like sweet milk?

Whose legs are needle thin
Glistening like a sapphire
Antennae like a pin
Floats higher and higher?

Who drinks nectar like Amritha
But after one day will die
In the blue sky you flutter
Gorgeous gentle butterfly

Kerala Kerala - III Pearl

Kerala Kerala
Full of mango trees
Kerala Kerala
Lovely warm breeze
Kerala Kerala
Beautiful Kathakali
Kerala Kerala
Smiling Malayali
Kerala Kerala
Woven houseboat
Kerala Kerala
On the backwaters you float
Kerala Kerala
Sweet banana chips
Kerala Kerala
Tastes good on your lips
Kerala Kerala
Jasmine in your hair
Kerala Kerala
Palm trees everywhere
Kerala Kerala
Gods own country
Kerala Kerala
Blue sea at its boundary
Kerala Kerala
Colourful butterflies
Kerala Kerala
Changing skies
Kerala Kerala
Wherever I roam
Kerala Kerala
You will always be my home


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Mime Show by Marcus Schmid

An International Mime show is being organized at the school on Thursday 6th March 2014 at 11.00 am to 3.00 pm as a part of the ‘Speech and Drama’ method in education being carried out by the Helen O’Grady International – ‘HOGI’.  The mime show is intended to create awareness about ‘Water Conservation’.  A Switzerland based International theatre group ‘ANDRAYAS’ is staging the show. Brightland is the first school in the state to host this prestigious International theatre group who had already performed more thatn 150 shows in South America, Europe, Africa and now on Tour in Asia.

Students of all classes are requested to attend the show as it will enable them to enrich their personality and communication skills.

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MaRRS International Spelling Bee

After the school level competition 'MaRRS International Spelling Bee' conducted by MaRRs Intellectual service pvt. Ltd., the company is asking the qualified candidates to register again by paying another registration fee which is against good intentions with which we facilitated the school for the competition.  Therefore the parents are hereby informed that the school is not intending to continue with the higher level competitions in  Spelling Bee.

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Tomorrow, Friday 31 Jan 2014 will not be a working day for the school and Monday 3 Feb 2014 will be a compensatory holiday for the school.

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